Friday, August 10, 2012

People Can't Drink OIL! on Kickstarter

Saluting Mexican political art, U.S. printmakers create portfolio about BP's refinery on Lake Michigan about to process very toxic oil.

“People Can’t Drink Oil!” is a political print portfolio, collecting ORIGINAL hand pulled prints by 18 artists into one body of work.

This is the second political print portfolio I’ve curated. The response to the first portfolio, “Pipelines and Borderlines”, encouraged me. I arranged seven exhibits: in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. Several viewers told me they had a greater sense of awareness about the tar sands in Alberta Canada and its effect on us all.
“People Can’t Drink Oil!” focuses on the other end of the pipeline, at the BP Refinery on Lake Michigan. Each of the artists participating creates their unique vision that can connect with people and create a sense of empowerment for those of us who are not multi-national corporations.

The first exhibit is scheduled in the Chicago area in August 2012. 

Please take a time to check out the video to find out more about this project with your support and donation I will be able to schedule a humongous amount of exhibits (maybe even double them?) over the next two years, (about the time BP is supposed to be up to full capacity) so we can reach a lot more people!

Your donation will help cover costs of print paper used in all of the artists editions, (a LOT of paper), portfolio covers, framing, as well as shipping and publicity for each exhibit.
I know people care about art! I know a lot of people care about having safe water to drink!
Beverly Keys
Artist and Curator

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